Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Choose an RPA package that is best suited for your business size. Our RPA solutions free up your workforce to engage in more value add activities, saving you tremendous costs on human error, wasted time, and repetitive mundane task.


When deciding on your RPA budget, think of an RPA solution as an investment in your workforce. One of the best ways to see RPA ROI is by comparing how much it costs a human employee to do a task versus a software bot. For example, if an employee costs around $45,000 per year, and a bot costs around $3,000, you’ll quickly start seeing the savings.

This doesn’t mean replacing your human workforce with bots, but rather leveraging your digital workforce to help you get more from existing employees. Think of an RPA bot as a digital assistant—working alongside your human workforce so your employees can spend their time on more strategic, value-adding work. And these robot assistants can help you fill any gaps in coverage without having to add more staff.

▶️ Increased productivity. Streamlining tedious, repetitive, manual workflows leaves employees free to spend their time working on more value-adding strategic activities.

▶️ Enhanced reliability. Automation ensures that jobs are not forgotten or run out of sequence, that prerequisite jobs are completed successfully, that the input data is correct, and that any special processing is performed.

▶️ Improved availability. Automate your save and recovery systems to ensure protection from the potential disaster of disk loss, or inadvertent damage to system objects from human error.

▶️ Better collaboration. Enable collaboration between IT and business teams by centralizing automation and connecting data with detailed analytics.

Automation enhances the entire business experience💡


Software robots, or RPA bots, refer to what some vendors call tasks. They can also be agents—individual devices running the automation solution. As you evaluate vendors, it’s important to understand how many bots are offered, if you pay by the bot, or if there’s an option for unlimited bots. While starting small is key to RPA success, you also want to make sure your solution can scale along with your organization. One bot is great for starting with desktop automation, five bots can help you expand in a single department, and having the option for unlimited bots can help you scale as you grow your RPA footprint across the entire enterprise.

As you set out on your RPA journey, take a look at your current processes and identify potential RPA opportunities, such as data scraping, user provisioning, or report generation. This will help get you thinking strategically about how you see RPA fitting into your organization so you can get a better idea of the best automation approach for your needs—whether desktop or enterprise.

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, enabling businesses to grow in size, productivity, and revenue. If you’re a CPA, an accounting firm, or an auditor, you can benefit from software advances. In fact, automation has made it simpler than ever for businesses to run day-to-day operations. Best of all, workflow automation solutions enable humans to do more with their time, increasing efficiency and productivity and letting everyone do higher-level, more interesting work.  

If you’ve never heard of robotic process automation (RPA), it’s time to learn about it. More importantly, it’s time to learn how it can benefit your business and lead to solid growth that takes you to the next level! 

RPA can boost morale at your office, taking over the redundant, tedious yet necessary tasks, thus enabling people to do far more interesting work. RPA handles repetitive tasks more quickly and accurately than people can, freeing humans to do more creative work that will ultimately lead to growth and new business

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